Following Her Advice Yielded Us Close to a 70% Return


Following Her Advice Yielded Us Close to a 70% Return

Susan McLaren isn’t just a real estate agent. She becomes the project manager for the sale of your home. She organizes work crews to get the home ready for sale and follows through to insure a good work product.

Her expertise is second to none. Susan and her team were seasoned experts in the sale of units in our building. She communicated directly and was absurdly quick in how responsive and immediate she was when contacted with questions or concerns. She does everything to set your home up for a successful and profitable sale.

Following her advice as directed yielded us close to a 70% return on our initial investment. I’m not sure if the sale of our unit broke a sales record for the building, but I know she has sold single-bedroom units in our building that have done so.

Her professionalism was consistently impressive. She went out of her way on several occasions. When it comes to real estate, many people over promise and under deliver. Susan over delivered time and time again.

— Heather and Damien Grey, Medford sellers,