Would Never Suggest Another Realtor


Would Never Suggest Another Realtor

This is our second time working with Susan McLaren and her team and there are no other realtors that match the care, responsiveness, attention to detail, and communication that her team commits to every day. If you are using these [Zillow] reviews to decide which realtor to choose then please spend the time to call Susan McLaren and her team. You will not be disappointed while you are making the greatest investment of your life.

When you sell your home, the McLaren team prepares your house for purchase by paying attention to all the details home buyers are interested in. The team offers you pricing options and knowledge about how to get the most buyers into your home – and then executes on that plan.

Our home had hundreds of interested people due to the advertising and network the McLaren team developed over the years – which let me explain is far beyond the interest of other houses in the neighborhood. When you pick a realtor, it is important to remember that you MUST find a realtor that is constantly educating themselves on why the market is changing – which helps your home sell at its peak.

We were able to capture a generous asking price for the house because of Susan’s intimate knowledge of the town and historical data which I am positive would not have been the case without her. Remember that positioning the house in a specific angle could make the home buyer see 20% more value in your home and this market research was so important for our sale – thanks Susan!

As for purchasing a home, we have discovered that Susan knows the house we want before we do. She listens to our needs and really understands which houses will be a waste of time. This is VASTLY important when you are looking for a home with a toddler as she tells you with complete honesty which houses are good for your family.

She also has such a deep education on house prices that she knows what the house is really worth – and what the bidding price should be based on all the factors involved. This allows us, the buyers, to believe we bought a home at the best price feasible without the hassle of getting into bidding wars.

Lastly, Susan communicates with you every step of the way. She goes above and beyond making sure that your move is seamless even when there are a few hiccups along the way. 🙂

She has such respect in the industry that other realtors often comment on how great her team is and how lucky we are to have her working with us on our dream home.

I would never suggest another realtor to work with as Susan as truly become a friend through this process. We hope all of these readers make the decision we made by calling the McLaren team because we know how happy the outcome can be!

— Andrew and Stephanie Amann, Wakefield sellers and buyers,