See How Rare and Special They Are!


See How Rare and Special They Are!

I have many years of experience with Susan McLaren, both as a client and as a colleague. I knew we wanted her to help us sell our beloved home in Winchester because I had seen firsthand how she works. I knew that she is one of the rare types who gets amazing results while always maintaining her untarnished integrity. That is important to us, knowing she is representing us every step of the way through the complex process of selling a home.

I also knew she truly cares about her clients and does everything she can to help them (I don’t know how she manages to get so much done every day!), but what I didn’t expect was that so many of all the people that expressed interest in our home also recognized she is all above board and would open up to her about their thoughts and plans. When everyone is relaxed and trusting through the process of a major sale, it makes everything go so much more smoothly!

I believe we had the best selling experience possible – both personally and financially. You’ve got to call Susan and her team before you sign with anyone else and see how rare and special they are!

— Sean McDermott and Stacey Miller McDermott, Winchester sellers, Winchester sellers